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Barcuterie by Fondled Pots, Handmade Pottery

Barcuterie by Fondled Pots, Handmade Pottery

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These handmade beauties by Fondled Pots are unique and will add an eclectic flair to your serving dishes.  Use for Barcuterie, charcuterie, dips, chips….or looks lovely on it own. Creamy white finished in a matte glaze. 

Bowls range in size from 2-6 bowls and range in price.  

2 Bowls 7” x 5” 

3 Bowls 10” x 7”

4 Bowls 12” x 7”

5 Bowls 14” x 8” 

These measurements are not approximate based on the handmade nature of each piece.   


Made in Annapolis, Maryland

Fondled Pots

by Margaret Bruns

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