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Stone Hollow Farmstead

Bloody Mary Mix- Stone Hollow Farms

Bloody Mary Mix- Stone Hollow Farms

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Starting with our own farm-raised tomatoes, there is nothing ordinary about these bloody mary mixes where we layer in the flavor with ffarm fresh tomatoes, fresh lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, anchovies and a little pickle brine. These Mary mixes have always played well with others so a splash of your best vodka is the perfect next step to enjoying thier company.

 Scary Mary- Fierce + Fiery The only thing that might frighten you about this mary is an empty bottle. Elements like Cholula hot sauce, pepper pulp and tamarind make this blend an unexpectedly addictive component to your bar cart essentials

Perky Mary- The newest member of the mixes and my favorite!  Loaded with flavor from the farm fresh simmered yellow tomatoes. 

Dirty Mary- Green + Natural The unexpected color of this bloody mary blend gets her good looks from fresh tomatillos, cucumber, kale (shhh!) and spinach. She packs a punch but with an almost virtuous dose of delicious.

Saucy Mary- Southern + Saucy- Saucy Mary makes sure you never forget her name. Horseradish is but one ingredient in her arsenal, layered under the expected tomatoes, lemon juice and other de rigeur bloody mary components.

Sweet Mary- Charming + Tart If there was ever an excuse to drink your fruit, Sweet Mary makes the best case. Pickled peaches, clove and ginger set the stage for this bloody mary blend that hits all the right notes without ever being cloying or unwanted.

Loaded Mary- Fresh + Verdant Some cocktail aficionados have labeled this bloody mary mix a ‘meal in a glass’. Packed with heirloom tomatoes, cucumber, pepper pulp, and coriander, Loaded Mary aims to be ‘extra’ at every level. Not for the faint of heart, but perfect for the bloody mary connoisseur who has tried them all.

32 0z. Made in Harpersville, AL.

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